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As a result of an independent analysis by Deloitte Access Economics, Morwell Neighbourhood House has again proved its worth to the community of Morwell and beyond. It is first time a house’s work has been so comprehensively externally evaluated in this way in the state (as far as we are aware) and it not only provides a conservative dollar value on some of the work undertaken by the house but also validity and recognition of the amazing work that goes on in the sector.

The report has stated that in 2017 Morwell Neighbourhood House provided in excess of $600,000 worth of value to the community. This was calculated during a social impact study completed on some of Morwell Neighbourhood House’s services. The actual value is likely to be far greater.
The study identified programs such as the community lunch, food bank and lawnmower program as providing significant community benefit in both a financial and resilience way. During 2017, Morwell Neighbourhood House supported 188 people directly to improve their quality of life along with another 261 participants who described themselves as experiencing a disability.
The report also identified the contribution of our highly valued volunteers who gave 3,244 hours of their time which is valued at just over $130,000. The contribution of these volunteers in improving quality of life and improving individuals and communities resilience is far greater.
Morwell Neighbourhood House will continue to work with the community to ensure that its services are improving quality of life, supporting positive health & being outcomes, build community capacity, promote community pride & identify local solutions to local issues
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