About Us

Morwell Neighbourhood House – The people’s place.Our Purposes


  1. The Association is established to be a Charity whose purposes are to be a Public Benevolent Institution for those people and families who are experiencing poverty, disadvantage or distress within the Morwell and surrounding communities, and to advance the social and public welfare of the same communities by;
    1. Providing educational support, skills, training and volunteering opportunities to increase independence
    2. Deliver programs that address food security issues
    3. Provide programs that reduce social isolation and enhance wellbeing.
    4. Develop activities that prevent sickness and distress
    5. Provide support services for people experiencing hardship
    6. Partner with organisations, community groups, government departments and philanthropic bodies to share and activate resources in order to grow, replicate, or introduce programs for the community.
    7. Doing all other things incidental to achieving and carrying out the purposes

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