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Morwell Neighbourhood House

Morwell Neighbourhood House – The people’s place.

The People’s Place

Morwell Neighbourhood House & Learning Centre is very much the people’s place for our community.

A little not for profit organisation, community owned and community managed.

Operating on the Asset Based Community Development model of practice; we take a strengths and asset based approach to all of our work.

Supporting individuals to grow, bring people together and develop our community’s capacity to identify and find solutions for local issues. This means we focus our energies on supporting our community to be a stronger and a better place to live in.

Our program and services are developed in response to the needs of the community. The program changes each term and reflects classes, workshops and social spaces our community have suggested.

Things you can do at MNHLC include * Join classes and learn new things * Have lunch on Tuesday * Meet new people * Socialise and make new friends * Hold meetings * Use computers and the internet * Get assistance with community issues * Borrow a lawn mower * Volunteer * Relax in our lounge and read a book * help in our garden. *Shop at the Free Store * Fix things at the Repair Cafe*

Morwell Neighbourhood House Vision

Empowering our people at Morwell Neighbourhood House to be united & resilient with a focus on well-being, and connections. Demonstrating support to our community as they define, strive and achieve their identified aspirations.

Statement of Purpose

Morwell Neighbourhood House and learning Centre is a not-for-profit organisation which has been a focal point for community involvement, social networking & lifelong learning opportunities since 1983. MNHLC is a place for the whole community, for people of all ages, race and sex. It is a place where people care, a place to find encouragement, support and information, share skills, talent, knowledge, time and resources.

In this statement of purposes “activities” include educational, recreational and social.

The purposes for which the incorporated association is established are to:

  • A Community House that focuses on community empowerment, community development, and community management.
  • Encourage community responsibility for the development and maintenance of the Neighbourhood House as a community-owned house resource.
  • Improve the quality of community life for residents of the area.
  • Quality adult and community educational and recreational programs relevant to local community needs by seeking adequate funding from government and private sources.
  • To advocate and act on behalf of disadvantaged people, as requested by them, with government bodies, utility companies and community organisations.
  • Develop a comprehensive resource and referral system able to respond to the needs of individuals, families and groups in the community.
  • Reduce the isolation of individuals and groups by provision of programs and services which encourage social interaction, self-help and mutual support
  • Build a sense of community and promote a sense of belonging and community spirit.
  • Provide general community and further education opportunities to enable individuals to better meet their needs through skills development and improve their capacity for income generation.
  • Seek and provide resources, information and support relevant to the needs of the community.
  • Encourage self-help, self-determination and independence of local residents.

 Our work is guided by the following principles:

  • Empowering people experiencing disadvantage
  • Enhancing community participation in our organisation
  • Demonstrating Community Leadership
  • Fostering environmentally sustainable outcomes
  • Using technology innovatively
  • Working within a community development framework
  • Fostering volunteering opportunities
  • Evidence based decision making
  • Monitoring and Evaluation will reflect these guiding principles.


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