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Worldwide, around 1 million plastic bags are used every minute, contributing roughly 3.5 million tons of waste per year. That’s just plastic bags alone. When you consider that bottles, cups, containers, utensils, food wrappers and straws haven’t been included in this, it really makes you think! So having access to reusable shared bags which are available in your local community makes a lot of sense.

The Plastic-Free Movement

Boomerang Bags is a community driven initiative, dealing with the issue of plastic pollution at a local level. They’re all about having fun and being creative while at the same time, providing a free and sustainable alternative to plastic bags, which shoppers can borrow when they need a bag rather than using plastic ones, then bring back later.

Dedicated schools, community groups, businesses and volunteers get together to make re-useable ‘Boomerang Bags’ using recycled materials. The Boomerang Bags Community is all about spreading awareness, starting conversations, making friends and working together to shift society’s throw away mentality – one community, needle and thread at a time!

Boomerang Bags relies solely on the generosity, time and creativity of volunteers. If you’d like to join a community, create your own bags or simply donate materials, we strongly encourage you to get involved. All donations help to reduce the impact of plastic bags on the environment, whilst inspiring and unifying craft lovers across Australia. See how you can help here (you’ll even find step-by-step instructions on how to piece together your first Boomerang Bag).

To date, there are 35 Boomerang Bags Communities across Australia and they’ve produced over 28,000 bags, this equates to around 14 million plastic bags being replaced!

Bringing Boomerang Bags to the Community

“We are trying to do our bit” says coordinator Trace Lund. “The goal is to make the Morwell Neighbourhood House plastic bag free and then take them to the wider community.”

“We would like to use the bags at the food bank, the Free Store and Repair Cafe where people need to carry items” said Ms Lund.

Volunteers are making most of the bags and mostly from recycled fabrics or donated fabrics and t-shirts. The ‘nicer’ ones might be sold as “bought to support”; a way in which we can fundraise to buy threads, inks for stamping and pay our way. So, for a small amount, people can buy a handy, individual, handmade bag.

The group is driven by volunteers who run sewing bees at Morwell Neighbourhood House.

If you would like to make bags, donate fabrics or assist the Boomerang Bags Latrobe Valley group they can be contacted at

Follow Boomerang Bags Latrobe Valley on Facebook for event details.

In other areas, for more information or to find your local group, or find out how to start one, the website is

Tracie Lund

Tracie Lund is the Coordinator of Morwell Neighbourhood House. Contact Tracie by calling (03) 5134-5488 during office hours.

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