Community Mapping Project

Morwell Abandoned Trolley’s

There has been growing frustration around abandoned trolleys in Morwell. When we report these stranded trolleys we are reporting them in isolation. We have no idea where and when other people are seeing and recording them.  It does not give us an understanding of how big the problem is.  Abandoned trolleys are an environmental hazard.  The supermarket chain stores have a corporate responsibility to address the environmental vandalism their abandoned trolleys are causing in our neighbourhood. To help them understand how big the problem is we have asked our friends at Pazzaz Printing to print a map of Morwell so we can add the location of abandoned trolleys as we are made aware of them

Next time you see a trolley and you’re reporting through normal channels, you can also let us know and we will pin it on the community map. We will keep this map open for a few weeks.  After that we will send copies of our map & a collage of all abandoned trolley pics you send us to the Head Offices of the chain stores so they can see for themselves how bad the problem is.   It is our hope that this will help the chain stores to understand the impact abandoned trolleys have in our neighbourhood and the community growing intolerance of the lack of action to address this. Let’s work together to find a solution.

Ways you can let us know:

Come in & see us put your trolley on the map

Email us your trolley pics & the location

Message our Facebook page

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Tracie Lund

Tracie Lund is the Coordinator of Morwell Neighbourhood House. Contact Tracie by calling (03) 5134-5488 during office hours.

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