Dress up Birthday Party was a hit

Absolutely sensational day to have a birthday. Much love to our 61 party guests who dressed up and played party games and really got into the 21st birthday celebration. Shout out to Linda and Karen for the cakes.

Congratulations to Dee for best costume (yes I know I forgot to give you the judges final decision) so I decided to let you know here instead. Dee has said the staff can share the timtam prize ?..Winning!!

Massive thank you to Morwell Fancy Dress Hire for helping us out with our costumes

A big happy birthday to Sarah .

As always applause to my incredibly hard working team of vols and staff who go above and beyond every single day. Thank you for everything you do for me and our community.

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#buildcapacity #21st

Tracie Lund

Tracie Lund is the Coordinator of Morwell Neighbourhood House. Contact Tracie by calling (03) 5134-5488 during office hours.

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