Emergency Food Bank

To advance the social and public welfare of the more vulnerable members of our community. We provide a range of supports and programs for people experiencing hardship & disadvantage.

Enquiries can be made by phoing us on 51345488

Emergency Food Relief

Our Food bank shopping days are Monday, Wednesday’s and Friday’s 10am – 2pm. No appointment required.
Absolutely no drop in NON service Days. We have limited assorted groceries available for those needing emergency food relief.

Available: Shelf life items eg cereal, milk, soups, pastas, pasta sauces, biscuits, kids school snacks, rice , bread etc

We do have limited seasonal and fruit andvegies available on most services day

We also stock personal care items, pet food for cats and dogs only.

If you are shopping for a family will ask to sight something that indicates to us that you are shopping for more than 1 person eg: could be a Medicare card or something else with family names on it.

We do not pack hampers. This is a self -serve program.
Limits: Shopping starts at 6 items for one person and goes up by 2 items per additional family members. 

What you can expect from us

  • You can expect to be greeted with a smile. We are friendly and we are here to help you.
  • You can expect us to provide support with food relief.
  • You can expect us to be responsive and informative.
  • You can expect us to keep your privacy

Guidelines to HAPPY shopping at the FOOD BANK

  • Shopping will start at 10am and will finish at 2pm. We will not open the door early. This is to ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity to shop.
  •  Access to the Food Bank is limited to no more than once a fortnight.
  •  We love children, but we cannot take responsibility for them. Children under 15 will need an adult with them to shop at our Food Bank.
  • Please be mindful that we only have a certain amount of food available at each time. This means that some items are limited to one per person / family. We humbly accept any donations to help us with the running cost of the Food Bank.
  • Be polite and respectful to our volunteers and other house users.
  • Be patient. Sometimes there might be a short wait.
  • Our work is inspired by the Pay it Forward Model. To ensure we can service all those who need it please take what you need & where you can, do something nice for someone else or donate back to the food bank when you can. Kindness is contagious


We are thrilled to share we are also supporting the Gathering Place in Buckley Street Morwell. The Gathering Place food bank is open on Wednesdays:  Contact them on (03) 4109 1428 for more details:

We graciously acknowledge the support of FoodBank Victoria & Bakers delight Mid Valley

The Food Bank is run on people power, we ask you to be respectful of our volunteers and staff.

Your cooperation is appreciated.


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