Digital Signage

Below are examples of the Digital Signage content created by Teddy Mafia for Morwell Neighbourhood House.  Please keep in mind some of the video examples displayed below may be out of date.  For the latest accurate information, please contact Morwell Neighbourhood House by e-mail, phone 5134-5488 or check the latest program.  The video content displayed at Morwell Neighbourhood House is always up to date.

The Digital Signage display is located at the main entrance and is viewed by every person entering the building.  The video content is displayed on a large High Definition Widescreen Television on a portable TV mount.  If you are interested in setting up your own Stand-Alone Digital Signage system for your business, please take a look at the article titled “How to setup your own Stand-Alone Digital Signage System”.  If you have any additional questions regarding setting up a Stand-Alone Digital Signage system, please feel free to e-mail Teddy Mafia.  Thank-you.

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