Staff and Volunteers

Staff, Committee Members and Volunteers:

Morwell Neighbourhood House Staff and Volunteers Melinda Smith Tracie Lund

Coordinator Tracie (Right) holding Penny Pig. Melinda Admin Support (Left) holding Petal Pig.


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 Janet Swash:

Janet Swash Morwell Neighbourhood HouseMy name is Janet Swash. I have lived in Morwell for over 40 years. I hold two positions at MNH&LC, one as a volunteer tutor in Adult Literacy, the other as President of the Committee of Governance. I joined the house to try to give back something to the community I have made my home. I get so much pleasure from helping people and when a student acquires a new skill it is good for both of us.

Committee Members:


Cindy Laidlaw Morwell Neighbourhood House

Cindy Laidlaw

My Name is Cindy Laidlaw, I live in Morwell, I join the committee in 2010? I think. I’m a girl guide leader and love helping out in the community as much as I can, so that’s why I decided to join as a community member at the Morwell neighbourhood house. In this time I have seen the house grow from strength to strength. I like to help out as much as I can but its not always easy working and raising very sporty children who need to be driven to Melbourne for basketball every second week- but I love it. My favourite thing about being on the committee is helping people and being around happy people the house is like one big happy family. My hobbies are watching my Richmond tigers and watching my girls at their sports, netball and basketball. I don’t know what I would of done during the fires if it wasn’t for all the news and support from our local neighbourhood house, I would share on face book everything the house put up and I would have people thanking me for keeping them up to date so congratulations to the house for that during the fire crisis. It’s a shame these house cant get more help because they do a wonderful job and I’m glad to be a part of such a great environment.


Frank Morwell Neighbourhood House

Frank our Gardener.

My name is Frank Wilkinson. Apparently, I live in North-East-North Morwell.
I’ve been a Horticulturalist for some 30 years and I’m currently volunteering and working part time at Morwell Neighbourhood House as the Gardener. Much of the work we do is with disenfranchised people. It’s good to help people. Some of these people that have been let down by others. I like helping people with their garden problems.

With the weeks and weeks of the GDF Suez Mine Fires, we were inundated with people in need. On bad days with the smoke we would see no-one. We handed out marks supplied by St Vincent De Paul and after three weeks from the Council. We handed marks and flyers door to door, but we only had limited resources. I fear many people will have health problems and that this will not be addressed by Government.

I have many hobbies that include Gardening, Cultivating and maintaining of Bonsai, and a keen interest in Ancient culture and both Ancient and modern history.













Morwell Neighbourhood House Volunteer Digital Content Producer Ashley Wincer Geek Nerd

Morwell Neighbourhood House Volunteer Digital Content Producer – E-mail Ashley Wincer

My name is Ashley Wincer and I have been volunteering my Digital Content Production skills at Morwell Neighbourhood House since 2013.  Currently also running a small digital media production company, Teddy Mafia, creating affordable social media graphics for small businesses, non-profit organisations and government agencies.







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