Our Hopes for Morwell

We have had a busy few days. On Monday 21st May we boarded the community bus and headed into Parliament House to be a part of the opening of the Our Hopes For Morwell Exhibition.
We are beyond excited to be involved in the project.
Our amazing Manager got to say a few words. Here is what she had to say.

I would like to start by giving a brief background on Morwell Neighbourhood House & what we do. I describe Morwell Neighbourhood House as the people’s place for our community. We are the little House that could. We are lovely little not for profit organisation, community owned and community driven.
We operate on the Community Development model of practice; We take a strengths and asset based approach to all of our work. We support individuals to grow, we bring people together and we develop our community’s capacity to address local issues by identifying local solutions. In short, we provide tailored responses to community need.

Our Hopes for Morwell was an opportunity to collaborate with Federation University & the Health Study team that we jumped at. This community recovery project sort to explore our community’s aspirations for the future. The project sat perfectly within our aims & objectives. It also provided the next steps to work we had already done as a part of our recovery supports from the Mine Fire. Throughout our work on the ground we knew there was a desperate need to allow a space for our people to share their hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future of our town. The photo story project allowed us to build a beautiful and thought provoking visual display exploring all the possibilities for our future. Our Hopes & dreams are now on display for all to see. I want to personally thank my team who dive into every project, no questions asked. Our whole community benefits from your enthusiasm and energy. Your compassion for our people and our town is an inspiration to me. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Sue Whyte & Clive Hutchinson for making the project a reality. Sue’s commitment to the project never wavered. Sue’s compassion for Morwell guided the direction and her coordination skills kept us all to task and timelines. Clive’s artistic talents are truly amazing. The impressive results we can all see today. I hope the exhibition gives you some insight into the incredible community I call me home, and inspires you like it has me, to look to the future and shine and the light on what is possible for Morwell & Latrobe Valley.

Tracie Lund

Tracie Lund is the Coordinator of Morwell Neighbourhood House. Contact Tracie by calling (03) 5134-5488 during office hours.

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