Exposing Digital Photography

Exposing Digital Photography Lectures by Dan Armendariz. (http://danallan.net/)

These lectures are provided FREE from Harvard Extension School. Thank-you to Harvard Extension School for providing the University video lectures.

These lectures are an extension of the Photographic Workshop provided at Morwell Neighbourhood House. The Morwell Workshop covers photographic techniques and basic photographic editing rather than technical detail. These lectures cover the technical side of Digital Photography if you are interested in learning more.  The total courses takes approximately 18 hours, broken down into 11 lectures.

Computer Science E-7 is a course at Harvard Extension School. The course strives to offer students a more thorough understanding of digital photography through an exploration of technical, rather than strictly artistic, details. With a better understanding of the limitations and compromises behind digital photography, students will be better prepared for unexpected and dynamic photographic situations.

Photography has exploded in recent years as digital cameras have become affordable and easier to use. There are many courses that teach students the artistic aspect of “how to become a better photographer” or “how to improve your eye,” but this is not one of them. Instead, students — from one-time users to professionals — become better photographers through an understanding of the technical aspects and terms of a digital camera. Learn why photos look blurry at night, why color management is important, what the difference between sports mode and portrait mode on the camera’s dial is, and how to manipulate the camera without the need of these modes in the first place.

Topics include exposure and metering, flash, dynamic range, CMOS and CCD sensors, color filter arrays, RAW versus JPEG formats, color spaces and profiles, editing photos with Photoshop, and optical and computational artifacts.

Through lectures and hands-on assignments, students understand the jargon and compromises of digital photography that ultimately expose the workings of digital cameras. You are not required to own a digital camera, but if you do, one with a manual mode and an option for RAW is recommended.

All eleven of the lectures are available for viewing below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Morwell Neighbourhood House by E-Mail or phone on (03) 5134-5488.  Thank-you.

Course Syllabus

Exposing Digital Photography – Lecture 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 –  Slides



Exposing Digital Photography – Lecture 2: Software Tools & Light



Exposing Digital Photography – Lecture 3: Exposure



Exposing Digital Photography – Lecture 4: Exposure Continued



Exposing Digital Photography – Lecture 5: Optics



Exposing Digital Photography – Lecture 6: The Histogram



Exposing Digital Photography – Lecture 7: Software Tools



Exposing Digital Photography – Lecture 8: Movie Night

This Lecture is Not Filmed.  Movie Screened: “At Close Range”  Click on the link for further details.



Exposing Digital Photography – Lecture 9: The Digital Cameras



Exposing Digital Photography – Lecture 10: Digital Cameras Continued



Exposing Digital Photography – Lecture 11: Color



Exposing Digital Photography – Lecture 12: Artifacts

That concludes the Exposing Digital Photography online course.  Morwell Neighbourhood House thanks Harvard Extension School for the Free Online University Lectures – Exposing Digital Photography.  We hope you consider enrolling in the Morwell Neighbourhood House Digital Photography workshop.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Morwell Neighbourhood House by phone (03) 5134-5488 or e-mailing us.  Thank-you.

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