Repair Cafe Latrobe Valley

We are seeking Volunteer Repairers. To kick start the Latrobe Valley Repair Café.

  If you fancy your self to be a Mr or Mrs fixit and have skills to share, get in contact with the House to register your interest or contact the facebook page.


How did Repair Cafes start?

The Repair Café concept comes from the Netherlands. It was formulated in 2009 by Martine Postma, at the
time an Amsterdam-based journalist/publicist. She hit on the idea of setting up low-key meeting places
nationwide where neighbours could repair their broken items themselves supported by specialists and in
a relaxed atmosphere.
The very first Repair Café was held in Amsterdam on 18 October 2009. Dozens of neighbours and interested
people from further afield showed up at the foyer of the Fijnhout Theatre that Sunday, where a host of volunteer
repair experts were at the ready with tools and materials. The afternoon was a great success; the initiative
had obviously tapped into a clear need.
This prompted Martine to continue her activities and to start the Repair Café Foundation. Since 2011, this foundation
has provided support to local groups in the Netherlands and other countries wishing to start their own
Repair Café.
The Repair Café Foundation has the following goals:
a) to bring back repairing into local society in a modern way;
b) to maintain repair expertise and to spread this knowledge;
c) to promote social cohesion in the local community by connecting neighbours from very different backgrounds
and with different motives with each other through an inspiring and low-key event.

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