Spring into Mowing

With Spring fast approaching we dug out this old article written by Anne Pullbrook about our Lawn Mower Service.

A few things have changed we do ask for a gold coin donations that goes towards our petrol costs & if you are a new borrower we also ask for some ID with your name an address on it.


THE FREE Lawn Mower Bank at Morwell Neighbourhood House and Learning Centre is a unique borrowing initiative established to allow the community access to equipment to perform that sometimes challenging outdoor duty.

MNHLC’s lawn mowers are well maintained and available for pick up during the week between the Centre’s opening hours. Bookings are essential and usually made a week or two in advance.

Many people make use of the handy mower scheme, and comment on how much easier it has made life, keeping their property safer and more liveable, saving them from Council fines and embarrassment at not being able to maintain their property in a neat and tidy fashion. “I’ve borrowed from the lawn mower bank several times,” said local mother Kerry, who now let’s her children play in their yard without the annoyance of prickles and fear of broken items being hidden in the long grass. “My children need to play outside and to run around”.

A practical scheme, the Lawn Mower Bank is even group-planned so borrowers can use one car to pick it up from the Centre, get their lawn done and then share with a neighbour, elderly or less mobile user, which “kills two birds with one stone,” said Mark, a long-time Lawn Banking participant.

“I wasn’t able to mow my lawns before I started booking it (along with) with Stu. He has a car, and we use it to do his house, mine and my sisters. It’s great, because I actually love mowing the lawn”.

The Morwell Neighbourhood House Lawn Mower Bank is a one-off program not offered anywhere else “Our users respect our equipment and as long as the mowers are returned on time, we are all happy’’ said Manager Tracie Lund.

‘‘People appreciate the scheme, and return to use it again and again’’.

For more information and to book use of a lawn mower, please phone Morwell Neighbourhood House on 5134 5488.

Tracie Lund

Tracie Lund is the Coordinator of Morwell Neighbourhood House. Contact Tracie by calling (03) 5134-5488 during office hours.

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