The Whitelion Leaving Care Mentoring Program

The Whitelion Leaving Care Mentoring Program
(WLCMP) aims to match young people leaving the
Out-of-Home-Care system with a Mentor from
within their own community prior to their move to
independent living in order to reduce isolation and
loneliness and assist them to connect with their
The WLCMP Targets
• 15-21 year olds who are preparing to leave
residential or home based care
• At risk of becoming homeless
• At risk of disconnecting from the wider
• Vulnerable to ‘dropping out’ of education or
training, or
• Pregnant/parenting teens who have limited or no
formal support outside the care system

For more information Contact

Whitelion Leaving Care
Mentoring Coordinator
Berry Street Gippsland
37 Elgin Street, Morwell
T (03) 5134 5971


Tracie Lund

Tracie Lund is the Coordinator of Morwell Neighbourhood House. Contact Tracie by calling (03) 5134-5488 during office hours.

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